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NEU Left Bulletin (04-12-23)

Build the campaign to prepare to win ballots and…. Let’s beat the new austerity plan The NEU executive met last weekend and has laid out plans for a fight back
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NEU Left bulletin (211123)

Solidarity in the workplace- staff in some schools have already shown the way Palestine- build movement in the workplace Make something happen in your school on UN day of solidarity
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NEU Left Bulletin 01-11-23

Stand up for Palestine On Saturday 28 October half a million people filled the streets of London and thousands more in cities across the UK and the world to stand
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NEU Left Bulletin 24-05-23

STRB report leak shows our fight is having an impact….. Now let’s step up the pressure Fight for every vote in strike ballot It was already vital that we organise
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NEU Left Bulletin 04-05-23

Outside the Department for Education on last week’s London strike march Keep up the fight, organise to win the re-ballot The NEU strike last week on Thursday 27th April and
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NEU Left bulletin 01-04-23 Conference 1

French workers are continuing their massive wave of strikes and protests against president Macron’s imposing a raising of retirement age. How can we win on pay and funding? The union
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