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NEU Left Pay Bulletin (19-07-22)

Organise to strike back against this pay cut The government has declared war on us and millions of others. It wants to slash our living standards by imposing below inflation pay
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Taking to the streets (NEU Left bulletin 14-07-22)

NEU members with their banners took to the streets last Saturday to join three vitally important protests. 200,000 plus at Durham miners gala Durham was a union city last weekend
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Pay strategy discussion bulletin 1 (03-07-22)

The cost of living crisis and fighting over pay is at the top of the agenda in the months ahead. It is vital that reps and activists talk to members
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NEU Left Bulletin (30-06-22)

Fight for Abortion Rights No return to the backstreets by Jane Bassett, Hackney NEU The decision of the unelected and reactionary US Supreme Court to overturn Roe v Wade is
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NEU Left bulletin (27-06-22)

Solidarity with rail strikers NEU Left members have been out in force as part of the huge expression of solidarity with the RMTrail strikers over the last week from across
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Daniel Kebede for General Secretary

A massive near 200 strong meeting of left activists from across the union last weekend met an overwhelmingly voted to back current NEU president Daniel Kebede as a candidate for
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