Solidarity with rail strikers

NEU Left members have been out in force as part of the huge expression of solidarity with the RMTrail strikers over the last week from across the trade union and wider social movements. The strikers have struck a chord with millions facing the same kind of attacks on living standards, working conditions and jobs. Listen to RMT general secretary Mick Lynch spelling out why everyone should get behind the rail strikers and why we all need to fight back in his speech at the solidarity rally in London on Saturday:

In the NEU it makes it all the more urgent that we organise and prepare to ballot on pay this autumn. Here is a selection of pictures sent in by NEU Left members form solidarity events across the country over the last week:

Rally at Kings Cross in London last Saturday
Liverpool solidarity rally
Bringing solidarity in Wakefield
Leamington solidarity
Standing together in Bristol
NEU in solidarity in Nottingham
RMT join with barristers on strike this week too

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