A massive near 200 strong meeting of left activists from across the union last weekend met an overwhelmingly voted to back current NEU president Daniel Kebede as a candidate for NEU General Secretary.

Nominations for the leadership of our union will open in the autumn, with the election to choose a successor to joint general secretaries Kevin Courtney and Mary Bousted taking next year.

The NEU Left had agreed to be part of that selection meeting and is now 100 percent backing Daniel in the election.

We will be interviewing Daniel for the NEU Left blog this week and later sharing campaign materials here too- alongside focussing all our efforts on building for the pay ballot we need if we are to defend members’ living standards.

Here is a short video from Daniel in response to government attacks on teachers in the media this week which give you a flavour of the platform on which Daniel will be running- standing up for educators and seeking to mobilise a fight to take on management and government to win real improvements in education and to NEU members lives.

Watch and share the video and look out for more news soon. https://fb.watch/dQl_s2PT6Y/

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