NEU members with their banners took to the streets last Saturday to join three vitally important protests.

200,000 plus at Durham miners gala

NEU President Daniel Kebede was among NEU members joining last Saturday’s impressive Gala in Durham
Trade unionists out in force in Durham last Saturday

Durham was a union city last weekend as huge numbers of trade unionists turned out for the annual miners’ gala- one of the largest showings for many years. The mood was driven by anger at the cost of living crisis- which saw delegations from across the country and across all major unions join the march and rally. Keynote speaker the RMT’s Mick Lynch got a rousing reception when he spoke of the rail strikes and the need for everyone to fight back. More rail strikes have now been announced- by both RMT and ASLEF members for the next couple of weeks. There are possible strikes in BT coming following their CWU union’s successful ballot, and a postal workers’ ballot by the CWU will report soon. The PCS civil servants’ union has announced a national strike ballot in September. In the NEU we will be balloting on pay in the autumn term too- and the NASWUT teachers’ union have said they may do the same. Let’s make sure this is a hot autumn for whoever the new Tory leader is- and use the power of our class on the streets and on the picket line to defend all our living standards.

Union banners join thousands strong Trans Pride

NEU banners and other trade unionists joined last Saturday’s Trans Pride march in London
Over 15,000 people joined the Trans Pride march

Over 15,000 people joined the Trans Pride march in London last Saturday, including a good number of trade union delegations with banners- especially NEU banners. The march was even more important as Tory leadership contenders try to outdo each other in whipping up transphobia in the name of waging their “culture wars”. Trans rights are human rights was the slogan echoing round the march- one which we will have to fight to make a reality against the Tory offensive.

Standing up for abortion rights

Hundreds of people joined a rally in defence of abortion rights in London last Saturday too.

The fight to defend abortion rights is crucial in the wake of the shocking attack launched in the US. This is the biggest attack on women’s rights for many years- and there needs to be resistance- and not just in the US. Everywhere we should rally behind the slogan “a woman’s right to choose”.

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