Waltham Forest strike wave rolls on

Walthamstow primary Academy

Members at the primary school in the East London borough of Waltham Forest have been on strike for 14 days and so far won significant concessions on workload, bullying and equalities for staff and students. Of the 49 issues presented to the school 48 have been agreed. However, members are not prepared to see their members lose out on the pay issue and will continue to take strike action this week. 

Tuesday 24th, Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th May

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Connaught school for Girls NEU support staff

After 5 days of strike action, with 3 more days planned, an agreement with the school was reached at ACAS, not to outsource cleaners to a company that would have worse terms and conditions for example

  • Cut working weeks from 52 to 43
  • Not guarantee annual pay raises
  • Not recognise trade unions

It was also agreed that should any future outsourcing happen it will only happen where these members have their terms, pay and conditions retained for the lifetime of their contract and with trade union recognition.

More formal Strike ballots currently taking place in Waltham Forest

Hornbeam Academy

  • Restructures and redundancies

Gwyn Jones

  • Redundancies, pay loss and workload

Our Lady and St.George

  • Restructure and temporary TLR payments


Following effective tsrike action talks are taking place at ACAS this week in the fight at John Fisher school in Sutton in a landmark fight to defend LGBT+ rights. Full update as soon as we know.

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